Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hello again and Hello Kitty

Wow I had not realized how long it had been since I last posted or even looked at your lovely blogs. Seven months have past, and I did not notice.

When I was last here I had just begun my Myth course for my degree. This I had to stop a few months back. Some years ago I became ill and now I am not the same person. Stress causes me to shut down. The course was proving to be too much, so I pulled out. They have said I can rejoin at the same point next year, which is really cool of them but it is something I will have to think about.

Anyway a few weeks ago I finally lifted off the dust cover of the machine and made something

From this image I made this for my best friends daughter.

A close up of the face

The technique I was is called stained glass window applique. Which is actually quite easy however not as easy with the tight curves of the bow and the thickness of fleece. The face alone took three days and just two days to put the hoodie together. I used a flower button for the nose and added a little heart shape button on the bow.

This is not something I will be doing again soon, Hello Kitty that is. I used the same pattern as I did with the Picachoo hoodie (yep I have forgotten how to spell it). Her mum has asked me to make her something in purple and surprise her with the style/image. I am thinking about what to do to make it unique. The daughter an 18 yr goth girl, loves it I am happy to say.

Now I am no longer studying I have lots more time to carry on with my passion of making things as well as job hunting. After seven years off work, I think I will be well enough to go back to work, part time at least. So fingers crossed on that that.

Next time I have some exciting news to share,

Happy Sewing Vala. x   


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