Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Finally a bit of show and tell.

Where has the new year gone?

I finally got myself in gear and been bust finishing off some garments I started last year.

Firstly I have yet another Loud Shirt

Loud shirt no4.
I was almost getting there on the pattern matching, then forgot the lapping of the front pieces due to button hole palacement and lost it. Ah well maybe next time.

And now  another late sewlong. This dress was for New Vintage Lady Plan Pattern Project sewalong that ended last year, and I finished it this week. DOH.
Front view.

Pink buttons to go with the purple/white cotton. the buttons do match, must be the effect of camera phone.
 Side view
And back colar detail.

I didnt really change that much with this dress in the end. Only adding the white satin binding on the bottom hem.

I have also started work on another project this week, but more about that next week as it is a birthday present, so no showing until the gift is handed over. Which today was looking doubtful, I have got to the very last bit of hemming when my machine went, whrrrr, clunk. Bugger. So hand hemming I guess.

On another note last weekend I opened a new packet of stockings, (very much prefare them to tights, yuk) and this is what I got,
One stocking, I can not be bothered to take them back. Luckly I had more packets with two in them, so now I have a spare.

I hope your week is going better than mine. Happy sewing and knitting

Sew Vala. x  

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