Friday, 6 July 2012

Another direction? Time for a change ?

I have been wondering for a while that a change is required to update and refresh my blog.

I have seen some lovely blog designs out there, background, title designs etc.
I have asked my daughters to help me design and change mine, as any teenager does, they start get board then give up and walk away to do something much more intersting instead.

So I thought I would change slowly, while I figure out the tech stuff.

Firstly the name of my blog, (I know I have talked about this before, but it turns out I was not ready).
When I started blogging I was not ready to open myself up to the world, ok I know I do not have mega following like some, and I like that. but still I hid and since I won the blog award in which you give a little more of yourself to your readers I realise I am still hiding.

When I first started blogging it was under the psudo Sew Vala and the blog was titled 'make it sew... trial and tribulations of sewing'. This I chose as a trekker, trial and tribulations is a  DS9 episode and a pun on TNG make it so'. But graduly I thought this title made it sound as sewing was such hard work. Yes it is I am a slow learner, mainly because once I do something I like to repeat it over and over before I move on  (look at the amount of shirts and dresses I have made from the same pattern) perhaps I should move on more quickly, this way I would learn more to get out of my comfort zone. But sewing and making is also really enjoyable and what I live for. If I cannot create I get 'nouty', grumpy if you like.

So I changed the title to Vala Sews...  with the intention of adding a witty line but the witty line has never appeared, because I cannot think of one. Any way Vala was choosen from one of my favourite characters from SG1 another sci-fi show, My real name is Di. I am a very ltteral person, I once asked my friends to sum me up in one word, idiviualy, to see what they would say and they all said the same thing, unconventional. Which to be honest I was very pleased with, I thought and still think its cool.

I have a very small bussiness selling jewellery, lapquilts and handbags that I have made in the past at craft shows. But my goal is find a style and sell unqiue clothing, or made to order. I have had lots of inquries into the yellow hoodie and plan to make more in different designs of my own which is a start. I have discovered a great love of Japanese Gothic Lolita or Gosu Rori as it is known. It was my daughters who showed me these and have asked for me to make them these clothes as buying them from Japan can be very expensive. My eldest saved up and bought a fabulous outfit from Japan, when it arrived, she was rather taken aback. The outfit is lovely but made from such cheep material she was a little disappointed but loved the overall design, she payed almost £100 for this outfit. My skill will get there and when it does I will be able to create a similar outfit for less than half of that. For which I am sure she will be happy, and if this makes her happy I hope it will make other too.

So in the future there will be inspirational pictures and hopefully completed designs from Gosu Rori while I learn and then some of my own creations. I think my daughters may feel I myself am too old for the look but with some adapations I may 'get away with it' outfits. Along with the Steampunk I adore and of course many more loud shirtd for S.H. I am trying to get my son into them but with no success, jogging bottoms and hoodies for him, I am sad to say.

What does the future hold, well I hope a bright and new colourful blog, with a new name (please keep an eye out for the change and do not be surprised when it happens, wondering who is this.)

Wow what a long post with no pictures, therefore here are a few with visions of a bright new new future.


Until next time you lovely people Happy creating,

Di (Sew Vala). x


  1. Oh, Di! I´m so happy to learn more about yourself. You and I have spent many good times we read each other and enjoying the things we've done each one, so I feel you as a close friend. I´m delighted to know your real name.
    I also love the Steampunk, but I'm not as adventurous as you and I dare not use it. However, I give much encouragement to you to sew and take this beautiful style of Steampunk and Lolita, they will make you happy sewing them and I'll be happy reading and enjoy your beautiful photos. A kiss, my dear Lady.

    1. Thank you so much Rosy, it truely means so much coming from someone as talented as you x



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