Sunday, 1 July 2012

Exciting news

I would like to say a really big Thank You to Wendy over at the butterfly balcony for giving me this blog award. I am thrilled, on three counts.
1, people come over to visit my little blog,
2, people like what they see
3, and that I was thought of to pass this one to.

So the deal is seven little bits of infomation about yourself and then pass it on.

1, I adore loud shoes. I have lots. Amongst my favourites is a pair of bubblegum scented black shoes by Vivenne Westwood. I am currenly saving for a pair of Steampunk shoes or boots from

2, I live 'in the sticks', many do not understand this phrase they think I just mean the countryside. Its a small village, we do not have streetlights (so at 5o'clock in the winter it is really dark), we do not have a shop or a pub. These are in the next village and we are not on a bus route. I live with my three kids and 6 pets, and we all love it.

3,  I have three tattoos and ten pearcings. For my daughters' 21st Birthday I paid for her first tattoo.

4, I used to play Sudo 3 in a Samba band. Until I had constant pain in my elbow, cortizone injections unfortunalty have left some muscle distrophy which means I can no longer play the drums. My daughter has discovered a local (well about ten miles away) Uklele Band, which sounds like great fun so we hope to pop along there soon.

5, I have dicovered I love Gosu Rori. Japanese Gothic Lolita clothing. Lots of frills, bows, and wild. I have purchased some Gosu Rori books and will be blogging about these shortly.

6, I do not listen to music as much as I used to, parhaps the noise of kids and pets is enough, LOL. But currently my favourites are
Steampunk Opera- Dolls of New Ablion

Steam powerd giraffe-Honeybee

Vocaloid-HatsuneMiku-World is mine

7, I have been studying for my degree for a while now. My next course is Myth in the Greek and Roman Worlds. I have two moduals left to do. Previously I have completed
An introduction into Art and Humanities,
Homer- Poetry and Society,
5Century Athens Democracy and State
History of Medicine 1500-1930

Well thats enought about me, I wish to pass this award onto some of my favourite bloggers.

Rosey at   She makes the most fabulous cakes and embroidary is gorgeous.

Kimberly at  She has fantasic tutorials in sewing and receipes. Shw made her own wedding dress which is beautiful.

Ginny at who makes the most adorable dresses for little girl.

Ewa at who has make some fabulous self drafted clothes.
These Ladies inspire me no end when I get stuck. I hope you would like to check out their blogs also.

Another exciting happening for me this week was when I had two of my Loud Shirts published on Fancy Moon facebook page.

One again Wendy Thank you for thinking of me. Sew Vala

Oh and if anyone is intrested Paul Shapera over at  he writes the most amaizing blog not only about his opera but subjects include, theatre, art, all genres of music, architecture to name but a few.


  1. Oh, Vala! I am extremely honored that you thought of me for this award, I joyfully I pick it and take my blog, thanks for all the nice things you said about me, I have you in my favorite cyber friends

  2. You are very welcome Rosy. x

  3. Thank you Vala! It's so nice to know you enjoy my blog- you do seem to be my most frequent commenter.

  4. Congratulations on your award and thanks for sharing your 7 facts with us all.

  5. Thank you Ginny, I adore your blog.

    Thank you Snippa for popping over to see me,

    Di x

  6. Thanks a ton for thinking of me for this award, Vala!

  7. You are very welcome Kimberly. x



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