Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Old Projects part 4

This was my very first cross stitch kit started way back in 1990/91 when I was pregnant.
And yes it is still not finished.

And I doubt it ever will be finished.

You see I did not realise until after I had run out of thread, that the stranded cotton is meant to be split. So I just used all 6 strands through out. When I figured out why I did not have enough, no problem I thought just go buy some more after all you have the chart listing the make and colours needed.

I carried on regardless and it took some time before I realised the shading was different. Well of course dye lots, I know that now and I also know to read instructions a couple of times over.
So now my work lies in a box in the sewing room. Every now and again I 'find' it, remember it, and smile.
Although I do think it would have turned out rather good, if I had paid attention in the first place. These days I take much more time on things. Was it youth, impatience, loss of brain cells in pregnancy. More likely all three.

Next time I have something special to share.

Sew Vala. x  


  1. You could frame it as it is, how about adding a baby photo or one of yourself at the time inside the glass too?

    1. Thats a really good idea, it would cover the blank space at the bottom of the blue dress. Thanks x



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