Thursday, 11 October 2012

Old Projects part 5

Another kit from the 1990's. Not something I would have bought myself, I remember it was a present, and I can not remember who from. If you, the giver, are reading this I am sorry I did not like it, but please read on. This is a printed canvas tapestry and it looked very blocky. I could not figure out how the blockyness (?) could create the smooth hair or the flowing dress fabric. But I was determined to give it a try.

Yeah, close up it is blocky. But I have come to realise this piece is best viewed from a distance. The original dress had some kind of swirly broach at the centre, this I did not like so I just carried on with the dress pattern.
Once it was finished, I thought a little more of it. It was ok.


And today when I went looking for it to photograph I have decided I love it.
So whoever you are who bought me this present Thank you very much. And I promise one day to frame it and display it lovingly in my home. That will not be for a while yet, it is quite large and will cost a pretty penny, but one day I will. In the mean time this fair lady is carefully wrapped up and hidden from daylight.

Sew Vala. x 


  1. Love the lady mystery in the light of the moon .... Wow! You have made amazing work!

    1. Thank you Rosy that means such alot. x



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