Sew Phantastikos, Vala's creative odyssey.

Sew Phantastikos, Vala's creative odyssey.

from Late Latin phantasticus, imaginary,
from Greek phantastikos, able to create mental images,

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Loud shirt update...

Sorry I Have been away for the past few days. Firstly I have been helping the lovely Mr S move house and then back to work then helping him to rearrange and empty boxes etc. And at the weekend we had a two day stall, but more about that next time.

Today I wanted to tell you how excited I was with the shirt. He loved it and even wore it to the vintage show where we had the stall. There were a few comments like 'Where did you get a shirt like that ?' in a possitive way.

So here is my gorgeous man modeling his new shirt.

Now all I have to decide is what's next.  I have the following in the pipeline
  • Gertie's Bombshell dress
  • NVL plain pattern project
  • Edelweiss Walkaway dress (one for me and one for my daughter)
  • Shirt in 50's sci fi monster fabric
  • Shirt in pin up girl fabric
  • Shirt in Liberty Rocks fabric
  • New handbag designs and kits to prepare
  • and for my youngest daughter 2 cosplay outfits .
So in the meantime until I can make my mind up, the past two days here have been mega sort and tidy time before building work starts on the house.

Happy sewing Vala. xx

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