Saturday, 10 September 2011

Skipping stiches and 'what on earth?' instructions.

Ok so back to more on Butterick 6747 . When I picked up this dress this week and began to sew this happened
Looks like its time for a little machine maintance.Empty bobbin fluff, check tension, check stutch length/width etc. A few test pieces later
The unpicked stiches can clearly be seen but next to it looking good.
I also had problems with my overcasting so had to revert to zigzaging the edges.

 I think a service may be in order soon.

And then this is where the real problems started. And I felt like this

I could not at all understand the inerfacing for the colar and front, at all. So I bloged help, and  the lovely ShelleyJ over at New Vintage Lady sent me a link which descrided what I had to do way better than my instructions did. Thank you ShellyJ.
Basicly it was the same as the facings I did in my Loud Shirts, but the technique is very diferent. Once I had the hang of it the dress bagan to take shape

Although with that colar as it is I could audition for the next Flash Gordon movie
Any way back to reality. I am still not sure if I did the interfacing construction 'right' The instruction asked me to 'lap the interfacing, so I did this
And when I sewed the interling to the facing it all went wonky. But hey thats inside it did cause me minor irritation becasue I really want to do things right, I am not a perfectionist by any means, I just want to do well.

Before I go today
I have just realised I meant to do a contrasting colar. DOH.


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